How long does it take to process and get the results ?

Usually between 1-3 Business days. If you have not received your results within this timeframe, please contact us and we will get your request expedited.

Is there a minimum request quantity required ?

There is no minimum quantity required to ship your buyback screens to us however, if the payout amount is less than $200 there will be a $10 shipping label fee deducted from your payout.

I want to get started, what is the first step?

Great! First step would be to sign-up and get approved. After that you can go onto “My Account” and see the option “LCD BUYBACK PROGRAM”. Fill out the amount you want to send and click if you would like to be paid out through PayPal or internal credit for future purchases. Once you have submitted your request, you should receive an email confirmation stating your request was created and now ready to ship. In this email confirmation, it should also give you instructions on what you need to do next.

Payments and Pricing

We have several payment platforms such as paypal, zelle, cashapp or bank transfer.

Prices may vary depending on its classification and model.

Price List
Model Grade A y B
 iPhone 6S PLUS $3,00   LCD
 iPhone 7 $1,00   LCD
 iPhone 7 PLUS $3,00   LCD
 iPhone 8 $1,00   LCD
 iPhone 8 PLUS $4,00   LCD
 iPhone XR $3,00   LCD
 iPhone X $16,00 OLED
 iPhone Xs $16,00 OLED
 iPhone Xs Max $28,00 OLED
 iPhone 11 $5,00 LCD
 iPhone 11 PRO $17,00 OLED
 iPhone 11 PRO Max $25,00 OLED
 iPhone 12 mini $30,00 OLED
 iPhone 12/12 PRO $35,00 OLED
 iPhone 12 PRO Max $65,00 OLED
 iPhone 13 mini $40,00 LCD
 iPhone 13 $40,00 OLED
 iPhone 13 Pro $115,00 OLED
 iPhone 13 Pro Max $140,00 OLED
 iPhone 14 $60,00 OLED
 iPhone 14 PLUS $80,00 OLED
 iPhone 14 Pro $135,00 OLED
 iPhone 14 Pro MAX $150,00 OLED


Model Grade A
Samsung Galaxy S7E $14,00
Samsung Galaxy S8 $24,00
Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS $34,00
Samsung Galaxy S9 $24,00
Samsung Galaxy S9 PLUS $34,00
Samsung Galaxy S10E $20,00
Samsung Galaxy S10 $45,00
Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS $65,00
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $15,00
Samsung Galaxy S20 $45,00
Samsung Galaxy S20 PLUS $55,00
Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA $65,00
Samsung Galaxy S21  $32,00
Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS $55,00
Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA $95,00
Samsung Galaxy S22 $55,00
Samsung Galaxy S22 PLUS $55,00
Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA $95,00
Samsung Galaxy S22 ULTRA $100,00
Samsung Galaxy S23 $55,00
Samsung Galaxy S23+ $60,00
Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA $100,00
Samsung Galaxy N8 $38,00
Samsung Galaxy N9 $48,00
Samsung Galaxy N10 $58,00
Samsung Galaxy N10 PLUS $100,00
Samsung Galaxy N20 $38,00
Samsung Galaxy N20 ULTRA $100,00
Model Grade A
iPad PRO 12.9″ (4th Gen) 2019 $22,00
iPad PRO 12.9″ (3trd Gen) 2018 $18,00
iPad PRO 12.9″ (2nd Gen) 2017 $8,00
iPad PRO 12.9″ (1st Gen) 2016 $8,00
iPad PRO 11″ (2nd Gen) 2019 $12,00
iPad PRO 11″ (1st Gen) 2019 $8,00
iPad PRO 10.5″ 2(Air3) $12,00
iPad PRO 9.7″ $12,00
Air 4 $18,00
Air 3 $12,00
Air 2 $8,00
Mini 5 $3,00


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